Microblading Courses

Micro and Nanoblading are becoming increasingly popular within the SPMU market, these treatments allow you to create natural looking eyebrows for your clients with either the use of a handheld tool or a machine. Using extremely fine needles, pigment is implanted into the clients skin with hair strokes – creating an entirely natural look.
We currently have two courses available for you to become a fully qualified microblading and nanoblading artist, depending on your needs. Book your course today at our London-based academy.


Korean Microblading & Nanoblading – 2 Day Course

£1,895.00 £1,695.00

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  • Course Contents
  • Training Kit


  • The most popular course for students of any level and experience to become a qualified microblading artist
  • Our training courses are fully accredited and recognised as the leading qualification in microblading
  • Held at our main training centre in Finchley, London within a short distance of Finchley Central Tube station. There is ample parking available.
  • Pay for your microblading course in full, or contact us today to secure your place with a £250 deposit.

Theory & Practice:

  • Health & Safety
  • Safe practices and protocol
  • Preparing your salon and treatment area
  • Equipment and tools
  • Facial & skin anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Client Consultations & Patch testing
  • Who cannot have microblading & nanoblading
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Different eyebrow shapes, styles, hair stroke patterns, face shapes
  • Designing eyebrows – basic principals and advanced precision techniques
  • Practicing on fake skin
  • Colour theory & mixing colours
  • Skin discolouration & micropigmentation
  • Skin tones, compatible pigments, and selection of the correct pigment for your client
  • Aftercare
  • Top-up treatments
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pricing, marketing, building your portfolio, attracting your first clients
  • Suppliers and trade accounts
  • Licensing & insurance

LIVE MODEL TRAINING – You will be provided 2 models to work on

  • Prepare your treatment area and treatment bed
  • Prepare your kit and hazardous waste bin
  • Perform client consultation with support from your tutor
  • Select correct products for your client
  • Communicate the treatment with your client
  • With assistance and supervision carry out treatment with your model – full support will be provided
  • Advise your model on the aftercare required

Completion – Assessment

  • When you have completed the course, your tutor will decide whether you will need to complete any further case studies, or if you have displayed a high standard on the live models you have worked on already. Due to the expertise and skill of our tutors, and small class sizes allowing for a large amount of one-to-one training and guidance, we do find that the vast majority of our students are confident and competent to be certified without the need for additional case studies. There is a professional photographer in attendance of your course who can provide you with photos for your portfolio.
  • In the instance that you do require any further training, this is provided free of charge.

After Your Course:

  • We offer an extensive aftercare service, where we offer full support to previous students
  • If you would like to come back for further re-training or feel you need to work on more live models to build up your confidence under tutor supervision this is included free of charge – just get in touch and we will organise this for you.

Your Professional Kit
You will receive a complete Micro & Nanoblading Professional kit to take away with you. This will include training items as well as items you will use for your first clients.

Your Pro Kit Case will include:

1 Artificial Skin (Plain)
1 Artificial Skin (Eyebrows)
1 Artificial Skin (Blue)
1 Microfibre Applicator Brush
1 Gloves
1 Apron
1 Hair Net
1 Mouth Cover
1 Bepanthen Cream
1 Colour Wheel
1 Numbing Cream
10 Pigment Rings
20 Pigment Cups
20 Eyebrow Wipes
10 Stick on Rulers
20 Sticks - Spatulas
2 Handheld Tool
1 Disposable 14u Tool
10 Needles 14U
10 Needles 9CF
2 Razor Blade
5 Ink packs
1 Eyebrow Pencil Brown/Black
1 Eyeliner Pencils White
2 Vitamin A & D Ointment
1 Sharpeners
1 Eyebrow comb & Brush
3 Disposable Razor
10 disposable x 10 mascara brush
1 Hand Gel
1 Eyebrow Tweezer
1 Measuring Caliper
1 Surgical Marker Pen
1 Professional Carry Case (Hard Compartmental Kit Carry Case)

5 Day SPMU Microblading Machine Method Training


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  • Course Contents
  • Qualifications & Benefits


What are the Differences between SPMU Machine Microblading and Manual Microblading?

Both the handheld and the machine methods give a similar result, a semi-permanent natural looking eyebrow for your client, however, the main difference lies in the application.
With the machine method, a cosmetic tattoo machine is used to implant a pigment into the skin creating a long-lasting effect. With this method, the application may last slightly longer as the pigment can be implanted deeper in the skin with the use of a machine. The machine also makes the application a lot easier and quicker for the technician while creating a more comfortable experience for the client.

  • Health and Safety
  • Contraindications and Legal Responsibilities
  • Products and Methodology
  • Colour Theory, Mixing and Selection
  • Brow Anatomy, Creation of Hair Strokes, Patterns and Blending
  • Live Model Practicals
  • You will receive a CIPD & Insurance accredited certificate
  • Professional Kit Including Everything You Need to Get Started
  • Become an LVC Alumni and Receive Ongoing Support, Tips and Special Offers
  • Access to Trade-Only Suppliers