M2: 2 Day Professional Make Up Course

M2: 2 Day Professional Make Up Course


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Our 2 day course is for individuals with a passion for make up wanting to build on their existing skills. The course is balanced between theory, demonstrations and hands-on practical lessons. This course will help you to master the techniques of blending to create the perfect natural Smokey eye to a dramatic evening look. Introducing you to all the trade secrets using an array of different tools, products & colours to uncover your full potential.

Whether you are looking to enter the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist, or wish to improve your makeup skills for personal use, our two-day makeup course is the perfect choice for you. Our makeup course focuses on teaching you all techniques which are most in demand by clients in the industry. It will give you the confidence to create a variety of makeup looks ranging from Smokey-eyes to vintage bridal look. It will also teach you the right methods to apply the perfect base and airbrush makeup for foundation.

Who is This Course For?

Our Belle 2 day Makeup Course is designed in such a way that it caters to a vast range of audiences. This includes:

  • Those wishing to step into the makeup industry as professional makeup artists
  • Therapists already working and looking to refresh their knowledge of particular treatments
  • Someone who wants to work as a freelance makeup artist with the freedom of choosing their own hours and workload
  • People with a love for makeup who want to polish their skills for personal pleasure

At Belle Academy, we welcome learners of all abilities. During the course, students will be applying the makeup techniques taught, to live models on the day. You will be given all the products and tools, needed for the course without any added cost. So there is no hassle of bringing along your own makeup kits.

What to Expect From the Course?

Belle Academy’s Makeup Course is ABT Accredited and delivered by highly qualified tutors. All our tutors have years of experience of working in the makeup industry and have excellent knowledge of the latest makeup trends. You will be provided with all equipment which you will need to use during the course. The course is run in small groups to offer intense and personal training. You will also put to practice all techniques taught on a live model on the day!

On successful completion of your training course, you will be awarded a Diploma certificate issued by Belle Academy. This will be accredited by ABT. When you complete your course at Belle Academy, the certificate you receive will help you to insure your new skills and gain CPD points.

Day 1:

  • Make up hygiene
  • Priming and preparing the skin
  • Concealing and correcting
  • Flawless full coverage matte base
  • Baking and Setting
  • Contouring for different face shapes
  • Highlight for that glowing look
  • Eyeshadow application
  • Flicked eyeliner
  • Eyelash curling and mascara
  • False lash application
  • Eyebrow shaping and shading
  • Lip techniques
  • Applying make up for different face shapes
  • Product Knowledge
  • Working with different brands
  • Using brushes, sponges and blenders


Day 2:

  • Dewy flawless base
  • Eyeshadow blending
  • Natural eyeshadow & pigment application
  • Colour graduation
  • Strong sculpted
  • Eyebrow
  • Applying darker colours
  • Glitter application
  • Advanced facial contouring and strobing
  • Coloured lip application
  • Ombre eyebrows
  • Blown-out technique using eyeshadows and pigments
  • Cluster lash application
  • Sculpting
  • Seasonal colours
  • Smudged liner
  • Ombre lip
  • Neck blending & contour
  • Photography advice

With a Belle Academy makeup course diploma you are eligible to offer treatment(s) which you have completed during your training, to paying clients from home and/or mobile.

If you feel you have acquired the level at which you can carry out basic makeup treatments with confidence, and are ready to take your next step in the makeup industry, there are plenty of other courses you can do to expand your business. By doing Lash, Brow & Hair Courses. You can improve your expertise and offer complete packages of treatment services to your clients, which means your clients won’t have to go anywhere else to prepare for weddings and special occasions.