E1: Eyelash Extension Course: Semi-Permanant Eyelash


E1: Eyelash Extension Course: Semi-Permanant Eyelash

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Course Summary

The Belle Academy Eyelash extension course offers 1 day training in semi-permeant individual eyelash extensions, with the option to upgrade to Russian Volume lashes on the same day. This course is suitable for individuals venturing into the beauty industry for the first time as a side income and wishing to add to their skillset, full time income and even individuals who wish to retrain in semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Entry Requirements

This course is tailor-made for learners from all kinds of backgrounds including complete beginners and those already working in the industry who want to polish their skills further. We welcome learners of all abilities and will provide all the tools needed during the course. You do not need to bring any kit for this course, nor remove makeup or eyelash extensions to attend the course.

Upgrade your training with our Russian Volume Lashes upgrade for just £50 

By attending this course at Belle Academy, you can benefit from the following:

  • On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Belle Academy certificate for insurance and CPD.
  • All of our courses are ABT accredited.
  • Belle Academy also offers you on-going support from your tutor via phone and/or email
  • You will also be able to attain a Public Liability insurance and start working on paying clients from home or mobile, as soon as you have an insurance.
  • Get a Belle Academy membership to avail special offers, discounts, news and more!

Our Semi permanent Eyelash course is taught by tutors who have expert knowledge of all the latest trends in the industry, this course is designed to teach you the most comprehensive techniques used for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You will learn about the theory of the treatment and then given hands-on experience of the application using only the best and most reliable methods. The course includes but is not limited to:

  • Health, safety and hygiene – Because a good eyelash extension technician never forgets these three basic principles
  • The correct procedure to isolate a single lash for the application of an extension.
  • How to pick up a synthetic lash to apply to the actual eyelash
  • Learn to use a variety of lash sizes to ensure client satisfaction
  • Removal of the Eyelashes
  • How to promote your business successfully and how to price your services
  • Know where to find the right tools and equipment for your eyelash extension business to flourish

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